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Preevent - Präsentation

Natural Scientists @ Bayer Business Consulting

Get to know Bayer Business Consulting, their work ethic and what their daily business looks like. Use the networking time to leave an outstanding impression and get one of the popular interview slots!
ML E12 (ETH centre) 09.10.2017 17:15 Weiterlesen

Preevent - Workshop

Join a live job interview!

ETH Career Center offers you the possibility to learn how to ace a job interview during a live student performance. Learn all about mistakes and excellent actions in the following interview analysation. Become part of this interactive presentation and evade common mistakes you should never say in your upcoming job interviews! Be aware: The time and lecture hall for this event can slightly change
HG E3 - ETH Main building 19.10.2017 18:15 Weiterlesen

Preevent - Workshop

Free CV-Checks with Goldwyn Partners

Get the most out of your CV and have it checked by experts from Goldwyn Partners for free. Goldwyn Partners is a recruiter in the area of IT and finance. At the CV-Check event prior to the Campus Interview, consultants from Goldwyn Partners can help you to optimise your CV with respect to content and structure. Of course, privacy of your CV and data is guaranteed. You can freely choose to register your CV at Goldwyn Partners or to provide it exclusively for the CV check.
CLA D11.1 - D19 (ETH centre) 10.10.2017 09:00 Weiterlesen

Preevent - Präsentation

Life sciences in Ticino, professional opportunities for young students from beyond St. Gotthard

Have you ever considered to live and work in Ticino? The Farma Industria Ticino will hold an interesting presentation for you on the topic of working in the pharmaceutical industry in Ticino. Distinguished speakers will tell you more about their career path into the pharmaceutical industry in Ticino and how the canton supports start-ups in this field.
HG F26.1 (ETH centre) 04.10.2017 17:15 Weiterlesen

Preevent - Präsentation

Electric Motors in Space

How can you build electric motors that even sustain conditions in space? The company Faulhaber Minimotor SA answers this question in their presentation. You can meet their experts in person at an adjacent apéro.
ETZ E8 (centre) 26.09.2017 17:30 Weiterlesen

Preevent - Präsentation

Chatbot – Dialogue of the future…

Join one of the leading management and technology consulting companies for a presentation at ETH. After the presentation you can get into contact with consultants from BearingPoint at an inviting apéro.
ETZ E7 (centre) 05.10.2017 16:30 Weiterlesen

Preevent - Workshop

Digital Scavenger Hunt

Folge den Strategieberaterinnen und -beratern von Oliver Wyman beim „Digital Scavenger Hunt“ durch Zürich auf der Suche nach den Trends von morgen! Nach der Tour durch Zürich stellt sich Oliver Wyman in einer Kurzpräsentation vor. Anschliessend lasst ihr den Abend bei einem gemütlichen BBQ über den Dächern von Zürich ausklingen. Oliver Wyman sucht Bachelor- (im letzten Jahr) und Master- Studentinnen und Studenten sowie Doktorandinnen und Doktoranden der ETH Zürich und der Universität Zürich. Bewirb dich mit deinem Lebenslauf bis zum 8. Oktober 2017 unter: digital.scavenger.hunt@oliverwyman.com
Pestalozzi-Anlage Zürich 13.10.2017 14:00 Weiterlesen